Rules & Regulations

  1. The Ranch Waiver and Release of Liability Form must be signed before entering the Ranch. Everyone must sign in or be signed in for example Minor ages 17 and under. For more details, see Rule 2.
  2. Passengers are allowed in Vehicles but must sign the Ranch Waiver and Release of Liability Form and must also wear their seat belts at all times while in the vehicle. No person under the age of 18 will be allowed in the park without parental guardian consent. If you bring a minor (ages 17 and under) that is not your child, you must provide a Notarized temporary guardianship form or Power of Attorney Form to sign in each minor and the Parent / legal guardian must closely supervise minors.
  3. If you arrive after office hours you will not be permitted on the trails until you sign the waiver the next morning. Ranch House opens at 8am.
  4. Operation hours: You may four-wheel on the trails at the ranch from 8am till midnight! You must be off the trails by midnight! Trails are closed from Midnight to 8am! Quiet time for the Ranch/Campground is from MIDNIGHT to 8:00am. On the last day of the weekend we close at dusk!
  5. Please be courteous to your camping neighbors. Remember this is a family oriented park, No shouting, fighting, profanity or vulgar music, etc.
  6. ATV’s of any type or dirt bikes of any type are not permitted at the ranch. No exceptions!! (This does not include UTV’s or Side X Sides )
  7. All Off-Road Vehicle drivers and riders should follow the manufacturer’s safe operating procedures. Please be sure that your ORV has the appropriate equipment needed to operate on the rough terrain here at the Ranch.
  8. All Vehicles must have a fully enclosed metal cab and/or roll bar protection, functioning safety belts, working four wheel drive systems, frame mounted (not welded) tow hooks that are appropriately rated for the vehicle’s weight for recovery purposes, and must be in good and safe mechanical operating condition. You must have a seat belt for each rider! No sitting on laps or riding without seat belts.
  9. All operators of Off-Road Vehicles must have a valid driver’s license or be under the supervision of a parent/ guardian with a valid license.
  10. Campsite fires must be kept inside the designated fire rings. Fire rings are not to be moved. Do not burn metal or glass in the fire rings.
  11. No alcoholic beverages or mind-altering substances, which may impair a person’s judgment, are allowed in the trail riding area. Alcoholic beverages are allowed only in the campground and any illegal substances are strictly prohibited at the Ranch.
  12. No one is allowed to possess any dangerous or controlled substances or explosives within the park.
  13. Litter laws are strictly enforced. Place litter in an appropriate trash receptacle. When on trails our policy is “Pack It In, Pack It Out.”
  14. “Tread Lightly.” Ride on established trails only. Do not blaze your own trails; venture into the woods or on to other property not owned by the Ranch.
  15. Do not remove or destroy trees, shrubs, plants or animals. We want them to remain for everyone to enjoy. Tree straps must always be used. If there is a tree down across the trail do not make a new path around it. Please either cut it or winch it out of the way or go get ranch personnel to remove it.
  16. Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash and supervised at all times. If your dog is aggressive toward people or other animals do not bring it regardless of the breed. If a problem occurs you will/may be asked to leave the Ranch.
  17. No hunting or discharging of weapons is allowed at the Ranch.
  18. The Ranch staff will not make any recoveries after dark. If you are broke down or stuck you will have to wait until the next morning to be recovered. We do not guarantee recoveries. This is a service SMORR will provide if SMORR can and it may include a recovery charge.
  19. Excessive speed and reckless driving is not permitted. Please follow posted speed limit signs.
  20. Please be courteous of other drivers and Ranch Staff on and off the trails.
  21. The Ranch is neither liable nor responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal property or injury to visitors.
  22. NO OFF SITE FIREWOOD ALLOWED! Please either buy some here at the ranch (A bundle of wood is $10) or bring your chain saw to cut the dead timber that is down all over the park due to it being logged before we purchased the land. You may cut anything that is already dead and on the ground outside of the campground area. Do NOT cut any already standing trees down. This rule is so that no outside foreign moths or beetles will infect our growing forest.
  23. Night Wheeling Rule: Trails will be shut down (CLOSED) between Midnight and 8am. You must be back in the campground by Midnight. The gates to the trails will be locked at midnight!! If you have a broken down rig and you’re not going to make the midnight shut down time, leave the rig where it’s at, take all valuables with you, ride back with someone in your group, the rig will be recovered or repaired the next morning. There will be only one reminder of this RULE!! All Ranch Privileges will be revoked after the ONE reminder with no refund for remaining time!
  24. Absolutely no fighting or foul/obscene behavior will be tolerated, nor will speeding/throwing gravel etc. in the campground areas (Idle Speed in Campground)! Please be courteous to the ranch and its customers!
  25. Failure to comply with the above rules, regulations and safe operating procedures can result in your being temporarily or permanently banned from using the Ranch or participating in any future Ranch activities or events. No refund of any monies will be given.