About Us

Southern Missouri Off-road Ranch was formed when a group of off-road enthusiasts had an idea to provide a playground for 4×4 adventurers from all over in Southern Missouri. 

Drawn together by a common goal the original group located a large tract of land just South of Seymour, MO and it has continued to grow. The early days were spent cutting trails and planning small events. Then visions of a premiere off-road park were born and started to take root. The plans were drafted to bring something to Missouri that would rival the famed destination parks sprinkled throughout the country that we’ve all read about in Off-Road Magazines. The bar was set high to not only have the best facilities but to also offer a family-friendly environment for everyone to enjoy safely and responsibly.

Go Play outside.

Today we’re proud to offer 8 rustic cabins, 45 electric RV sites, and endless primitive camping options to suit any weekend warrior or large group who wants to hit the trails. Hosting events and welcoming trail goers from all over the US has allowed us to keep the gates open and continue to provide the off-road community with a place to adventure, get off-road and get outside, which was our ultimate goal.


  1. Do you have to make a reservation? If you’re camping or planning on staying with us at the park we recommend you make a reservation to ensure availability. Just fill out the form for either cabin or campsite reservations to start the process.
  2. Is the park always open? No, there are certain weekends and holidays that are open throughout the year. Schedule events and open weekends can be found on the Calendar page.
  3. Can we bring a 4-wheeler? Sorry, no dirt bikes or four wheelers permitted at SMORR.
  4. How do I know where to go? There are a few ways to navigate the park and we recommend you start out by downloading our trail map and CartoTracks App. Or, hop in line with a guided trail ride during one of our events.